0 ¤ Hosting

With great sadness i must inform you that technical difficulties make it impossible to pay for our hosting.

We are considering migration to another at the moment. But it would be greatly appreciated if ou could help with this month.

Contact via support email for details (it is at the very bottom of the page)

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+4 ¤ IMPORTANT: domain name change

For certain reasons theere may be trouble ahead with our domain. For time being we got


to act as a refuge

Hopefully there won't be too much distruption

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+4 ¤ Another important announcement


First of all, i need to say that this domain is currently being expired. Hopefully we would be able to buy it for good this time. But maybe not.

Second, first update in a long time. Support for Index: Inquisition has been added.

Third, as soon as Sisters of Battle are out, thay will be added too

And, lastly, Warhammer legends are out! what does that mean - well. it means there would be some work to do. We will add that content (or update it, as it is mostly copied from index), and probably add " (Legends)" to the unit selection lists.

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+5 ¤ Important announcement


For the past few days there have been issues wth logins and various others. We are very sorry about that.

What happened is attempted migration to new version of python, as previous will soon be obsolete

It was a failure, due to multitude of reasons, but in the end because there is insufficient control over the host we use - and over domain we use as well

So, what now. We will do a server migration in the next month, this time hopefully withoutscrewing up

Sorry for the inconvenience caused

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+1 ¤ Kill Teams

We have started adding Kill Teams support

For now, some of the standard kill teams, ater that Commanders and Elites

Please check and report on errors encountered. Suggestions are welcome

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+4 ¤ Happy new year

With New Year starting we are happy to announce that Chapter Approved 2018 content is kind-of done

Any problems with it, comment them here - or write to our support email

This year, let us make some resolutions:

1) improve interface, even if we have to (gasp) actually delve into web design

2) add all of Imperial Armour stuff from indexes

3) be quicker to add new content and everything

Oh, and do join telegrm channel. It is not like there is quality content there or any, but it would warm our hearts a little

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0 ¤ Blood Angels and Dark angels


After great delay, update for Dark and Blood angels is up

I will not lie. It is pretty horrible. Probably bunch of stuff is now broken

We are extremely sorry

This is for reporting issues, to aviod spawning too many comment threads

PS. Some glorious wizard has also improbed da Orks, which is great

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0 ¤ Doctrines and units that allow them

At the moment, armies and detachments in this roster builder all have same shared FACTION keyword, which is used in army/detachment name for identification.

However, that leads to some unfortunate confusion. In some cases detachment where some particular keyword (for example: VALHALLA) is not present at all units, still qualifies for and benefits from some rule associated with it (for example, there are Militarum Tempestus in same detachment, but it has Valhallan regimental doctrine). That has lead to some unfortunate confusion.

What would be a good way to resolve it?

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ Some development questions


Recently we have started introducing Wahapedia links for 8th edition units

So, here is the question: is it better to have links to separate datasheets or to anchors in pages with other units?

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+1 ¤ Shadow War: Armageddon

As users of this site may have noticed, we have added a section for support of Shadow War: Armageddon. After some deliberation, we decided that we will only support (at least, fr now) initial kill team composition, as team advancement is a bit too complex to model with our abilities at the moment.

If possible, can we have some feedback on the usefullness of this feature? Should error for the lack of unit name be removed?

Lastly, if you find this instrument useful for kill teams, please spread the word.

Shadow War: Armageddon Development

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+5 ¤ Open letter

As everyone here probably knows, in some 2 months there will be a new edition and old codices will be invalidated. What does that mean for this site?

There will be no update for existing armies. Instead, new ones will be made available. Old rosters will remain and full functionality for 7th edition will be conserved as a matter of course

However there is a question of speed. How quickly will roster building for 8th become available?

That, of course, depends on you ) eventually developer team will implement everything, but it can be made several times quicker with help

There are two ways for that help. First, new rules will be needed. Faster staff will get them, faster they will be implemented here. Second, participation. If we start now, person can be brought up to speed in time for 8th, and we will be adding armies 3-4 a time, instead of one. Some willingness to write in Python is needed

Lastly, we are looking for front end developers.

Comment or respond by email to our team, folks

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0 ¤ Imperial armour

What Imperial armour army should be added next?

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0 ¤ Public service announcement


I am glad to announce that content from Gathering Storm 3: rise of Primarch has been added

However, it comes with a certain price. Cypher was reworked/clarified there, and so restrictions on him were reimplemented. Also, Fallen Champions formations has been changed into ne and improved version, so old instances will break. If your roster contained Fallen Champions and it was broken - just delete it, noo need to report that. Hopefully that will not affect many

I take this opportunity to once again ask for participation. Currently we are short-handed, and that keeps many glorious features from being implemented. At the moment we need frontend developer and a python enthusiast (note: experience not necessary., just willingness to learn) for bakend.

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ Eldar stuff

Hello! We have been trying to add 2nd tome of the Gathering storm and have finally done so.

However, as we have learned with virst tome, there can be errors, big or small. And also old rosters with eldar should now work differently - mostly because artefacts were reworked for clarity

Please report here for all and any issues with eldar to limit number of new threads (as much as they can be called so)

Eldar Maintenance

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ Imperial armour poll

What should be next army/race from imperial armour to be added?

Imperial Armour Maintenance

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0 ¤ AoS/FB support: help needed

Hello! we need help with adding support for Age of Sigmar and bringing FB support to its final state

Skills needed: python of any level

Write to our mail

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ An inquire for collaboration


At the moment we are trying to add support for Age of Sigmar pitched battle rosters to the site

However, there is a lot of profiles to add, so we ask for volunteers to speed things up

Please write us a email if you want to help

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ Where to go from here

Hello again! site stuff speaking

It is time to once again to ask for volunteers to juin us in maintaining and enchancing this site. There are lots of things to do, but we have our hands full and so we are unable to do as much as we want to

In particular, these are things we are constantly coming up too shorthanded to even begin:

  • forgeworld armies

  • Horus Heresy (wh30k)

  • Fantasy battles (end times edition)

  • Age of Sigmar

So, to all people of good will: write us, join us )

About skills needed? Determination to do the good work. Also, Python, html/css, JavaScript all would be helpful

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ Order

There were reports on ordering of the units. It must be agreed that having demi-companies with captains in the middle of the list is not very useful.

So, the question is: how hould ordering be implemented?

Please vote and add your comments.

Volunteers welcome to help as we here are bad at JS

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ Feature requests

With Renegades and Heretics list added as of now, we are open to taking next feature requests.

What should be added to improve site? Not just in terms of content, but also in terms of user experience?

As usual, a reminder: there is always need for more hands for work on the project. People who know html/css/Java Script, people who are not afraid of python - please come forward.

P.S. Update on Great Waagh will be added as a matter of course once we get our hands on it

P.P.S. Bug reports are welcome. If there is any trouble with creating new rosters or opening old ones - write to support email. The problems will probably be eventually discovered from logs, but why wait?

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