0 ¤ Ashtari

Ashtari, the Frost Phoenix mount choice for Caradryan from the High Elves should cost 250 points, instead of 240. Thanks!

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0 ¤ Fantasy Dwarfs Heroes Glitch

Sorry to bother, but trying to add any Dwarf hero except Josef Bugman produces a "Server Connection Error" and fails to add the requested hero.

bug Dwarf Hero Warhammer Fantasy

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I know it's not a priority, but Eltharion the Grim from the Warhammer Fantasy High Elves list points are incorrect. He should be 295 points without his mount, and 490 with. Adding mount should also include a free lance.

High Elves Points Warhammer Fantasy

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0 ¤ FB broken/removed?

I can't make or access lists for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Is that deliberate or is something happening?

Bug Lists Fantasy

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0 ¤ Fantasy Battle Dwarven Runes

Several of the Dwarven rune prices don't match the army book on the site. Is this a mistake? If not, why are they different?

Dwarves Warhammer Fantasy Bug? Runes

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