0 ¤ Black Templars Emperor's Champion missing

no option for Emperor's Champion in HQ slot :(

Big thank you in advance!

bug missing

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0 ¤ Space Marines infiltrators - helix adept error

Hello! Right now builder places Helix adept in a unit of 5 infiltrators, as mandatory choice - but It seems like in "Codex Vanguard Marines" Helix adept available only in a unit of 10 infiltrators. Otherwise, great builder, thanks in advance! :)

Space marines Infiltrators

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0 ¤ Ork Gorkanaut/Morkanaut power points bug

Hi, Gorkanaut/Morkanaut somehow costs 0 points when roster is switched to Power Points :)

Orks Morkanaut Bug Gorkanaut

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0 ¤ Space marines Scout squad validation error

Hello, there's little error here:

When you add Scout Squad to the roster (any detachment) a red validation error occurs, saying "Error! Unit type Scout Squad (Index) is marked as obsolete"

Thanks for the great army builder though!

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0 ¤ Black Templars Crusader squad bug

When you add Sword Brother to the 5-man Crusader Squad and set number of Crusaders to 4, builder keeps changing it's total size to 6 dudes (even if you manually change it to 5, on next page refresh it's 6 again), although by rules it should be possible to take 5 dudes and make one of them Sword Brother.

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0 ¤ Space marine Terminator assault squad (Codex) wrong pricing

5 Assault terminators with TH and SS costs 264 pts. One terminator is 31 point naked + TH(16) + SS(5) = 52 in total. 52 points * 5 terminators = 260 points.

So shouldn't it be 260 instead of 264 points? Seems like Sergeant is priced correctly, and regular terminators are 1 point more than needed, maybe this causes excess 4 points.

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0 ¤ Orks, Big Mek wargear issue

Hello, there's a bug in Ork armybuilder - Ork Big Mek have Big choppa equipped by default (and paid points for that), although his default ccw is just choppa.

Bug Big Mek Orks

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0 ¤ Ork Flash Gitz dedicated transport error

Flash Gitz can take battlewagon or trukk as transport, but in builder they have neither :(

Bug Orks

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0 ¤ Orks Mogrok Bossboyz not working :(

Returning 302 Server error on adding Mogrok Bossboyz either as primary or secondary detachment

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0 ¤ Black Templars mechanized company [b'Space Marines'] (1840/1850pt.)

Space Marines Warhammer 40k Battle-forged

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0 ¤ Dreadmob list server connection error

Please fix "Server connection error" which is happening, when I'm trying to add "Dreadmob combined arms detachment" as primary detachment of Ork Dreadmob list.

dreadmob server connection error

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0 ¤ Orks faction, Mogrok's Bossboyz formation, Server connection error question

I have a pop-up saying "Server connection error!" when trying to select Mogrok's Bossboyz formation as one of my Orks detachments, either primary or secondary.. What am I doing wrong? :)

Server connection error Orks Bug Warhammer 40k

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