0 ¤ Venerable Dreadnought & Dreadnought heavy flamer

should be 5pts

Thank You

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0 ¤ update to request as could not find support email sorry

original request (any chance we can get gaunt's ghosts added to offico prefectus in astra millitarum?)

gaunts ghost request infomation


is the only online resource i have, although


states "Gaunt’s Ghosts can be fielded as an HQ choice in any Astra Militarum army, as they often fought alongside other Imperial forces during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. For a truly thematic choice, be sure to not appreciate the contribution the Tanith make to your success."

sadly this is the best i an do.

i hope this is enough.

thank you in advance.

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+1 ¤ FYI, Power levels sizes for games are twice what they should be.

it's all in the title.

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0 ¤ Army of Chaos (3000pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of Chaos Battle-forged

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0 ¤ Assassin detachments

Will auxilary support detachments for assassins ever be added? (It gets a little annoying having to proxy it in.)

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