0 ¤ Server Connection Error

Genestealer not showing up in Army of <HIve Fleet.


professorlust @ ()

0 ¤ Fantasy Dwarfs Heroes Glitch

Sorry to bother, but trying to add any Dwarf hero except Josef Bugman produces a "Server Connection Error" and fails to add the requested hero.

bug Dwarf Hero Warhammer Fantasy

custodesvero @ ()

0 ¤ Server connection error

Trying to add a Tempestus detachment to a Astra militarum army gives a server connection error.


Kristian Bach @ ()

0 ¤ Adeptus Custodes Bug?

Was looking into what a Sisters plus Custodes army might look like and kept getting a network error for just the Adeptus Custodes detachments when I tried to load them in.


Kanimana @ ()

+1 ¤ Chaos Knight Detachment Issue

When I add a "Chaos Knight (Super-Heavy Detachment)" the system adds a "Chaos Knights (Super-Heavy auxilary detachment)" instead. Also "auxilary" is misspelled, it should be "auxiliary".


qurgh @ ()

0 ¤ Meltaguns are now 14 pts for Bs 3+ models, but they are still listed as 17 pts.

Meltaguns are now 14 pts for Bs 3+ models, but they are still listed as 17 pts.

It's true for Astra Militarum lists at least.

bug points update ca18

rosenoern @ ()

0 ¤ Issue when changing point system

Error occures when trying to open roster (http://hq-builder.com/roster/220825 ).

I'm just changed point system to power points after creating the roster and can't enter the roster anymore.

Still great app, by the way.

Issue error point system bug

elfaq @ ()

0 ¤ Exalted Sorcerers: Power Swords, not Force Swords

A bit of an error here: in the new Thousand Sons codex, Exalted Sorcerers can be equipped with power swords, but not with force swords. HQ currently permits the addition of the latter but not the former.

(Thank you for the excellent army list builder!)

bug error

ARB @ ()

0 ¤ Dark Elf Reaper Bolt Thrower costs too much


As the title says, they currently cost 110pt instead of 70pt.


Grooke @ ()

0 ¤ Tyranid Prime: Incorrect Loadout

Tyranid Prime loadouts are wrong.

The ranged weapon option is incorrectly Devourer or Basic Bio-Cannon; it should be Devourer or Basic Bio-Weapon.

The melee weapon is incorrectly Scything Talons or Basic Bio-Weapon; it should be Scything Talons or Melee Bio-weapon.

bug tyranids

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Carinfexen: Incorrect Tail Biomorphs

Carnifexen are incorrectly listed as being able to take no tail biomorph; they must have at least one (thresher scythe or bone mace).

bug tyranids

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Termagants: Overcosted Adrenal Glands

Termagants are incorrectly listed as being able to take Adrenal Glands for 2 pts/model; it costs 1 pt/model.

bug tyranids

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Tyranid Warriors: Undercosted Devourers

Tyranid Warriors are listed as being able to take Devourers for free, but Devourers cost 4 points (the "base" Warrior costs 24, not 22, although you can field them for 22 (scything talons) or 23 (spinefists)).

bug tyranids

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Server Connection Error: Wolf Guard, Imperium Vanguard

Trying to add Wolf Guard to an Imperium Vanguard detachment, getting a Server Connection Error.


quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Necron Destroyers with Heavy Destroyer Miscosted

Necron Destroyers that take a Heavy Destroyer pay 12 points for the privilege but also lose a Destroyer, meaning the end unit is costed as if the Heavy only cost 12 points.

For example, a 6-model unit with 1 Heavy should cost 635+75=636+12=390, but actually costs 327 in the builder, based on 63*5+12.

bug necrons destroyers

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Skarbrand is Missing?

Making an Army of Chaos, Khorne Battallion detachment. I can take Karanak and Skulltaker fine, but Skarbrand seems to be unavailable.


quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Server Connection Error: Company Ancient on Bike

Using Army of the Imperium. When I try to take a Company Ancient on Bike, I get a Server Connection Error.

bug Server Connection Error Company Ancient on Bike

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Bug: Wolf Guard Battle Leaders Can't Be Taken

When you try to take a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, you get one on a Thunderwolf instead. (I am using Army of Imperium).

bug Wolf Guard Battle Leader

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Bug: Champions Equipment (Chaos) not working properly.

It is typical for a Chaos Champion to be able to swap both his pistol and bolter for Champion Equipment (see e.g. Havocs). This list is basically, "up to one from the rapid fire and assault weapons and up to two from the pistol and melee weapons." That means a typical Champion should be able to walk around with a bolter and a Champion rapid fire/assault weapon, such as two bolters, or a bolter and a combi-bolter, or a bolter and a combi-flamer, by swapping his bolt pistol out for the option and keeping the stock bolter he shipped with.

However, none of the options I have tested seem to support this (most infantry units in Chaos Space Marines have a champion who qualifies for this, including the basic CSM troops choice).

bug Champions Equipment List

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Noise Champions Equipment: Missing Sonic Blaster

I am using Army of Chaos. Noise Champions have no option I can see to swap their bolter for a sonic blaster, even though their datasheet says they can.

Note: Both their pistol and bolter can be swapped for champion equipment, but only their bolter can instead be swapped for a sonic blaster.

While you're fixing this, they also have a typo; Doom siren is misspelled as Doom syren.

bug Noise Marines Champion

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