0 ¤ Server connection error

Error for adding Knight Moirax to an Imperial Knights list


Squiggly Beast @ ()

0 ¤ Come upon a glitch

When I try to add my Long Fangs to my onslaught list I get "Server connection error." You might want to check for other bugs too while you are at it too for Space Wolf list making.

Edit: Add Wolf Guard Terminators to that "Server connection error" complaint as well.


Atomfire @ ()

0 ¤ Blood angels shadowspear content?

Can't find any phobos armour in BA list. Same about Suppressors. Additionally, I dont see Librarian in TA.

Blood Angel Error phobos shadowspear 40k Librarian Suppressor BA

Brunstan @ ()

0 ¤ Wolf claws seem to not be working

So far it's been just the Wolf Guard Terminators, keep getting a Server connection error when I change the ranged weapon to wolf claws to double up. You might want to check the others just in case.


Atomfire @ ()

0 ¤ Server Connection Error: Devastators

Trying to add Devastators to a Dark Angels detachment, getting a Server Connection Error.


ImpGrom @ ()

0 ¤ Cant Connect to Server

I don't know where to put this, but I have an error when I go to add the Combined Arms Detachment to my army makeup of the Astra Militarum. It just says "can't connect to server"

All the other formations of the IG work. Am I doing something wrong?

Astra Militarum Cant Connect to Server Bug Error

Kazoo @ ()

0 ¤ Blood Angels CAD is broken.

Whenever I try to add a Blood angels CAD I get a connection error. If I try to load a roster that already has a CAD it also gets an error.

Blood Angels Error

Ch0mP @ ()

0 ¤ Error! Server connection error

I keep trying to make a list using Corsairs but keep getting an "Error! Server connection error" message when trying to add a character. This also happens sometimes with other factions with specific units.

What's the deal?

Server connection error Corsairs Error

mhkhwh@gmail.com @ ()

0 ¤ Space Marine Librarian Bug

Space Marine lists with Librarians seem to have a 500 server error, and adding a Librarian to a list has a server error popup.

Error Bug

ArkInRev @ ()