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terminatus battery


Unbound; Red Corsairs;

Error! Army outside command point limits
Error! Roster is over limit (500)


[ 1 ]

<Legion> (Vanguard detachment) (576pt.)


[ 1 ]

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour (115pt.)

Combi-melta; Force sword;


[ 3 ]

5x Chaos Terminator Squad (185pt.)

§ 1x Terminator Champion (43pt.); Lightning claw(x2); Icon of Wrath;
§ 2x Chaos Terminator (33pt.); Combi-bolter; Lightning claw;
§ 1x Chaos Terminator (43pt.); Reaper autocannon; Chainfist;
§ 1x Chaos Terminator (33pt.); Lightning claw(x2);

5x Chosen (146pt.)

§ 1x Chosen Champion (40pt.); Frag grenades; Krak grenades; Combi-melta; Bolt pistol; Icon of Vengeance;
§ 2x Chosen (28pt.); Frag grenades; Krak grenades; Power sword; Bolt pistol;
§ 2x Chosen (25pt.); Frag grenades; Krak grenades; Astartes Chainsword; Bolt pistol;

2x Greater Possessed (130pt.)

§ 2x Greater Possessed; Daemonic mutations;


Units: 4

Models: 13

Power: 28

Points: 576

Detachments: 1

Command points: -3

Army of <Legion> Warhammer 40k Battle-forged

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