0 ¤ Tyranids: Hive Tyrants causes 'Server Connection Error', Malanthropes not present(is there a reason for the latter?)


offy @ ()

0 ¤ Army of Thousand Sons (150pt.)

Army of Thousand Sons Warhammer 40k Battle-forged

awdqw @ ()

0 ¤ Relic Contemptor Dreadnought

There isn't an option for the Relic Contemptor Dreadnought for space marines to use twin vulkite culverins.


Any chance we could get rules/points updated for a Relic Contemptor?

Xav @ ()

0 ¤ Army of Death Guard (2000/2000pt.)

Army of Death Guard Warhammer 40k Battle-forged

troy @ ()

0 ¤ Willsy's Orks [b'Army of Ork'] (970/1000pt.)

halp x

Army of Ork Warhammer 40k Battle-forged

Willsy @ ()

0 ¤ Ashtari

Ashtari, the Frost Phoenix mount choice for Caradryan from the High Elves should cost 250 points, instead of 240. Thanks!

custodesvero @ ()

0 ¤ Chapter approved '2021 updates maybe?

A lot of pts cost changes appeared in last Chapter approved and that was almost 2 month ago already. Is it just Necrons that got old point values or you generally wait for something before implementing those changes?

Kaelis @ ()

0 ¤ Unable to change power level caps

If I change the power level cap it resets back to 50, so I can't change it to blank (for unlimited) and I can't modify it to be higher or lower

gorthorbeastlord @ ()

0 ¤ Army of Thousand Sons (50/50pt.)

Army of Thousand Sons Warhammer 40k Battle-forged

ant-vav @ ()

+1 ¤ FYI, Power levels sizes for games are twice what they should be.

it's all in the title.

Eddy Grimm @ ()

0 ¤ Server connection error

Error for adding Knight Moirax to an Imperial Knights list


Squiggly Beast @ ()

0 ¤ Wraithlord issue


I can't add wraithlord into my roster. Attempting to add results in this error:

"Server connection error "

Can you please tell me what is the reason?

Filipp @ ()

0 ¤ Necron issue

Necron issue with the plasmacyte, keeps giving the error that you cant take more than the number of destroyer units and listing that I have 1 but I only have one plasmacyte with a unit of destroyers.

Fortune @ ()

0 ¤ Lizardmen (2498/2500pt.)

Lizardmen Warhammer Fantasy

Grooke @ ()

0 ¤ Ork Connection Error

Can't add any of the fast attack cars to my list. Anyone else having the same problem?

EatRawFish22 @ ()

0 ¤ Army of <Chapter> (480/500pt.)

Army of <Chapter> Warhammer 40k Battle-forged

Mark Elliott @ ()

0 ¤ Incrusers

incrusers dont work

warhammer40k @ ()

0 ¤ Server Connection Error

Genestealer not showing up in Army of <HIve Fleet.


professorlust @ ()

0 ¤ Knights

Oi,i've to ask you to please update the remaining chaos knights(Maybe add the forge world ones if you can)

warhammer40k @ ()

0 ¤ Heavy intercessors point value issue.

Wrong points value for Heavy intercessor squad.

Tomcat-27 @ ()