0 ¤ Venerable Dreadnought & Dreadnought heavy flamer

should be 5pts

Thank You

Eddy Grimm @ ()

0 ¤ update to request as could not find support email sorry

original request (any chance we can get gaunt's ghosts added to offico prefectus in astra millitarum?)

gaunts ghost request infomation


is the only online resource i have, although


states "Gaunt’s Ghosts can be fielded as an HQ choice in any Astra Militarum army, as they often fought alongside other Imperial forces during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. For a truly thematic choice, be sure to not appreciate the contribution the Tanith make to your success."

sadly this is the best i an do.

i hope this is enough.

thank you in advance.

Eddy Grimm @ ()

0 ¤ Relic Contemptor Dreadnought

There isn't an option for the Relic Contemptor Dreadnought for space marines to use twin vulkite culverins.


Any chance we could get rules/points updated for a Relic Contemptor?

Xav @ ()

0 ¤ Ashtari

Ashtari, the Frost Phoenix mount choice for Caradryan from the High Elves should cost 250 points, instead of 240. Thanks!

custodesvero @ ()

0 ¤ Chapter approved '2021 updates maybe?

A lot of pts cost changes appeared in last Chapter approved and that was almost 2 month ago already. Is it just Necrons that got old point values or you generally wait for something before implementing those changes?

Kaelis @ ()

0 ¤ Unable to change power level caps

If I change the power level cap it resets back to 50, so I can't change it to blank (for unlimited) and I can't modify it to be higher or lower

gorthorbeastlord @ ()

+1 ¤ FYI, Power levels sizes for games are twice what they should be.

it's all in the title.

Eddy Grimm @ ()

0 ¤ Server connection error

Error for adding Knight Moirax to an Imperial Knights list


Squiggly Beast @ ()

0 ¤ Wraithlord issue


I can't add wraithlord into my roster. Attempting to add results in this error:

"Server connection error "

Can you please tell me what is the reason?

Filipp @ ()

0 ¤ Necron issue

Necron issue with the plasmacyte, keeps giving the error that you cant take more than the number of destroyer units and listing that I have 1 but I only have one plasmacyte with a unit of destroyers.

Fortune @ ()

0 ¤ Ork Connection Error

Can't add any of the fast attack cars to my list. Anyone else having the same problem?

EatRawFish22 @ ()

0 ¤ Incrusers

incrusers dont work

warhammer40k @ ()

0 ¤ Server Connection Error

Genestealer not showing up in Army of <HIve Fleet.


professorlust @ ()

0 ¤ Knights

Oi,i've to ask you to please update the remaining chaos knights(Maybe add the forge world ones if you can)

warhammer40k @ ()

0 ¤ Heavy intercessors point value issue.

Wrong points value for Heavy intercessor squad.

Tomcat-27 @ ()

0 ¤ Deathwatch

I'm having trouble adding veterans (server connection error) any one else have this issue?

commanderKant @ ()

0 ¤ bretonnia where is it?

i see a lack of bretonnia,where is it?

leroyjenkis1 @ ()

+1 ¤ Death Corps of Kreig?

I am just curious, but why are there no way to make a list for Death Korps of Krieg?

It isn't like "We don't do Forge World Models here" or anything, so I am just curious if there is a reason for the exclusion.

ShadeCaster @ ()

0 ¤ Fantasy Dwarfs Heroes Glitch

Sorry to bother, but trying to add any Dwarf hero except Josef Bugman produces a "Server Connection Error" and fails to add the requested hero.

bug Dwarf Hero Warhammer Fantasy

custodesvero @ ()

0 ¤ Come upon a glitch

When I try to add my Long Fangs to my onslaught list I get "Server connection error." You might want to check for other bugs too while you are at it too for Space Wolf list making.

Edit: Add Wolf Guard Terminators to that "Server connection error" complaint as well.


Atomfire @ ()