What is this site

This site is supposed to be a tool for quick and dirty roster-building for game systems produced by Games Workshop. It was created and is maintained by group of concerned gamers full of passion for the lore and rules of Warhammer universes.

Who are site's creators

All who maintain this site do so on their own time and money. We can confidently say that we are not receiving profit from it, in any form. Currently there are 3 people on the team.

Does this site have endorsement from GW?

No, not really. To be fair we have tried to get it once, but did not understand what their legal sent in reply. In any case, to avoid drawing their ire we try to abstain from providing full rules (unit profiles, formation contents, special rules for units etc) or art/photos of models.

What they are needed? Roster builder <insert name here> has them.

We are trying to provide links to an excellent site Wahapedia that contains profiles and rules in wiki form.

What are principles of this roster-builder?

Most important principle is: this roster helps create error-free, rules-legal rosters. To that end
  • If roster contains an error, message is output with enough information to correct it
  • If possible, certain alteration of roster that would lead to an error are prevented
Also, the rosters represent all the models in the army with wargear of each of them described as exactly as possible.

What are basic operations of roster building?

  • Roster creating - roster is selected from drop-down list and "+" is pressed
  • Adding of a detachment (for battle-forged rosters): select detachment from drop-down list and "+" is pressed
  • Adding of an unit - unit is selected in drop-down list and "+" is pressed
All selections from, drop-down lists currently support filtering: if part of unit (detachment) name is entered, only those unit names that match it are shown.

What can one do with units?

There are several operations on units that can be performed. They are activated by clicking on their glyphs. On the following picture they are numbered, and after it the explanations are given.
help image1
help image1
  1. Start editing unit
  2. Copy unit - that places another unit with all the same options taken into the same section/detachment
  3. Delete unit
  4. Stop editing unit and hide its editing interface
One can also remove all units from section of the roster by using "clear" button.

What can one do with formations or other detachments?

Add, copy or remove them the same way it is done with units.

How can one edit units?

After starting edit of an unit, there are two possibilities. In simple case, there are number of options that can be taken, generally:
  • select number of something (usually number of models in the unit) from a drop-down
  • Select one or several options from check boxes
  • Select an option from a list
However, there are cases, when unit contains models (one or more) that can be edited more-or-less independently from the rest of the unit. In that case those models are grouped so that models in the same group have the same options taken (those groups are referred to as subunits later), and a number of actions can be taken on them. See further descriptions of actions for the numbered glyphs on the following picture:
help image1
  1. Start editing subunit
  2. Add subunit - add another subunit with one model
  3. Split subunit - remove one model from current subunit and add one model to next subunit, creating it if necessary
  4. Delete subunit
  5. Stop editing subunit

How can one change points limit?

Points limit of the roster can be changed in its settings (shown after pressing "Settings" button at the top of the roster's page).

How can one add units from Imperial Armour to the army?

For Warhammer 40k armies Imperial Armour units can be enabled from the roster settings. If there is no option to enable - that is an error and should be reported!

Why isn't <my favourite IA unit/army> available?

Sorry. We can only cite our short-handedness for our defence. We can barely keep up with main GW studio. That's why Warhammer FB is not at the actual version, Age of Sigmar and Horus heresy are not available as well. If we will have more people, we will add them sooner.

Why is design so bad?

None of us are website designers. We would welcome any kind of professional (and free!) help in that regard.

How can one help?

Join us! Only thing we ask is willingness to work (something like an hour a week would be great) and learn. Our working stack is Postgresql - Flask - Tornado - Knockout. Mainly we describe units and their rules as Python classes. Do send us a mail to provided "support" email address!""

Were those questions actually asked?

No, not really. But we are/were lonely and somewhat desperate for human interaction, so we fake it.